Growing herbs right in your kitchen can add a world of flavor to your dishes and save you money too! Plus, having your own little herb garden can spruce up the look of your kitchen and add some much needed oxygen. These 10 best herbs to grow in pots are ideal for small gardening spaces such as balconies and also do well indoors as long as they have enough sunshine! Let's take a look at the 10 best herbs to grow in pots and get to gardening!

Best Herbs to Grow in Pots

#1. Mint

mint plant in pot

Learn how to grow mint indoors the easy way! Mint doesn't require a lot of care and is a delicious herb to have around the house (hint: Mojitos!!!). One thing mint DOES need though is heavy feeding!

#2. Chive

chives in a pot

Chives also grow easily and without much fuss in the smallest of pots and with minimal lighting too. Make sure to keep the soil damp though, as they can dry out quite quickly!

#3. Sage

sage plant

Sage is a great herb to have in your kitchen as it can add so much flavor to any dish! Best grown from seeds, sage likes well drained soil.

#4. Bay Laurel

bay laurel

Like sage, bay laurel also requires minimal care, but is best purchased as plants or grown from cuttings.

#5. Thyme

thyme in a pot

Thyme doesn't like wet roots, so make sure to grow in well drained soil and only grow from cuttings or seedlings.

#6. Rosemary

Rosemary in Container

Learn how to grow rosemary indoors or in a pot. With its heavenly scent, rosemary is a favorite herb of expert gardeners.

#7. Parsley

parsley in a pot

Wanna grow parsley from seed? Of course you do! Parsley works well in any dish and doesn't require much care! Also once fully grown, parsley will keep giving for at least two years!

#8. Cilantro/Coriander

cilantro in a pot

Cilantro, or coriander is best sown from August through September when it is much less prone to bolt. Learn how to grow cilantro indoors.

#9. Basil

basil in a pot

Best grown in a warm, bright spot, basil can thrive indoors! Learn how to grow basil indoors.

#10. Sorrel

sorrel plant

A lesser known herb, sorrel, has a sour, almost lemony scent that is often used in eggs, salads, and salmon recipes. Plant 4 to 6 plants and give them plenty of sun to receive a full bounty all year round.

Now that you know the best herbs to grow in pots, it's time to start filling up that windowsill with beautiful, fresh herbs!

Happy Planting!

Best Herbs to Grow in Pots

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