In this article, we'll show you exactly how to prune basil the right way so that your basil plant can produce aromatic leaves over and over again!

If you love everything basil, then you no doubt have a basil plant growing somewhere in your home! Problem is, your basil is just not producing as fast enough as you would like it to! You've moved it to a sunnier spot, you've changed its pot, and you've given it plant food, but your basil is still not producing. What gives? The problem may simply be one of pruning! Believe it or not, if you want a big production of basil, you actually have to prune it, so today we'll show you how to prune basil so you can get the healthiest, biggest crop yet!

Basil is an important part of any herb garden because it's simply so versatile! This super aromatic herb goes great in Asian style dishes, salads, on pizzas, and anything else you may think of. You can grow basil in almost any setting, from indoors to outdoors. Fresh basil is great to have in your kitchen as it's very convenient, and will easily thrive in a windowsill!

How to Prune Basil The Right Way!

large basil plant

Step 1: Look for Two Large Leaves

Start by looking for a set of 2 large basil leaves. Where the base of each leaf meets the stem, you should see another small set of leaves or very small green knobs.

Step 2: Cut the Middle Stem

pruning basil

Cut the middle stem directly directly above the set of small leaves, leaving at least 1/2 inch of stem if possible. The small leaves will now grow out in place of the one cut stem between them, and you'll get 2 new stems instead of just one!

Step 3: Continue This Process Until The Desired Size

You can continue cutting the middle stems until your plant is at the desired size, or leave it as is. Continue doing this throughout the growing season.

Do NOT cut the leaves closest to the bottom of the plant, because the basil plant needs a steady base.

Pruning basil leaves may seem counter intuitive, but it actually does produce more basil in a quicker amount of time. Think of it as getting regular trims for your hair – your hair is healthier, and will grow better!

So now that you know how to prune basil, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get to pruning!

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How to Prune Basil

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