Most of us love our morning coffee, but have you ever thought about what you could do with those used coffee grounds? The answer is…don't throw them out! Coffee grounds have a slew of benefits for your garden, and these 7 ways to use coffee grounds in the garden will seriously change the coffee game! You may already know some of these coffee grounds garden hacks, but we guarantee that for the most part, you've never even heard of most of them!

Coffee Grounds in the Garden

Coffee Grounds in Soil

#1. Composting

Got a composting bin? Adding used coffee grounds to your composting bin will enrich the compost!

#2. Pest Controll

Slugs, snails, and other insects hate the taste and smell of coffee, so adding coffee grounds around the plant's soil will prevent them from coming around.

#3. Cat Repellent

If your cats loving digging around in the garden, sprinkle some used coffee grounds and they'll be sure to keep away!

#4. Acid Loving Plants

Coffee grounds increase the soil's acidity, so acid loving plants such as roses and rhododendrons can benefit greatly from coffee grounds!

#5. Fertilizer

To make a coffee grounds fertilizer, simple add 2 cups of coffee grounds to a 5 gallon bucket of water and allow it to steep overnight. You can now add the fertilizer to most plants, especially acid loving ones!

#6. Mulch

Instead of spending money on mulch, use coffee grounds to keep plants hydrated and prevent weeds from popping up!

#7. Harvest Booster

Some vegetables, such as carrots and radishes, can actually double their harvest when coffee grounds are added to the soil! When planting carrots or radishes, simply mix in some coffee grounds with the seeds.

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Coffee Grounds in the Garden

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