Today we'll share with you 10 tips that will yield a LOT of tomatoes…about 50-80 pounds worth! Yes, you heard that right – 50-80 pounds! With that many tomatoes, think of the possibilities! Tomatoes are a great source of vitamins and minerals, and they also contain a ton of nutrients. An essential part of any kitchen, tomatoes are great to have around as you can make SO many things with them! Think of all the tomato sauce you can make, marinaras, and even pickled tomatoes! The possibilities really are endless!

Tips To  Yield 50-80 Pounds Of Tomatoes

tomato plant

If you've ever tried growing tomatoes, you may already know that they're really not the easiest plant to grow! There are always complications which might make them not grow at all, or which might make them not yield nearly enough tomatoes. We've tried and tested hundreds of different tips and tricks, and we found that these 10 tips will yield an ENORMOUS amount of tomatoes!

#1. Tomatoes for Your Climate

Your tomatoes may not be producing as much as you'd like because you may not have the right kind of tomatoes! You need to choose the right tomato plants and seeds for YOUR specific climate, otherwise you're just wasting your time!

#2. Lay It on Its Side

When you're planting your tomato plant, lay it on its side – it will grow much quicker and healthier!

#3. Plant Them Right

Plant your tomatoes in a trench with the top three inches uncovered. This will result in a high yield later on.

#4. Fertilizer

Add a fourth to a half cup of slow release fertilizer to each tomato plant. This is the stuff they really like!

#5. Cage It

tomatoes in cages

Build a wire cage around each individual tomato plant. The cage should be about five feet tool with a 2 foot diameter.

#6. Fertilize Every Week

In order to grow a lot of tomatoes, you need to fertilize the plant every week. Use a hose-end applicator and fertilize directly onto the leaves.

#7. Ammonium Sulfate

After the first harvest, side dress the tomatoes with two to three teaspoons for ammonium sulfate and water afterwards. Side dressing means applying the fertilizer directly around the soil of the plant. This will give it the nutrients it needs fast.

#8. Cover the Cages

Cover the cages with floating row covers to protect the plants from wind. Tomato plants can be very sensitive to the wind!

#9. Wait to Pick

Wait until tomatoes are about 30% ripe and then pick them, otherwise birds and other animals may get to them. Don't worry – they'll ripen beautifully on your kitchen counter!

#10. Don't Refrigerate

If you don't already know this – take note! You should never, ever refrigerate tomatoes, they don't need it! Instead, leave them out on the counter so they don't loose their flavor.

Happy Planting!

tips that will yield a lot of tomatoes


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