If you've never heard of the limequat fruit, don't worry – you're not alone! Rarely ever seen in stores, the limequat is a fruiting tree that is hybrid between a kumquat and a key lime. This cold hardy tree produces some delicious fruits though, and we believe more people need to know about this amazing fruit! If you love expanding your garden, keep reading to find out how to grow limequat trees, care for them, and harvest them!

How to Grow Limequat


The great thing about these limequat trees is that although they thrive in tropical climates, they're also cold resistant. The limquat tree can tolerate temperatures as low as 10F (-12C). Keep reading to find out how to grow limequat trees.

Popular in Florida, limequat is often used to make limequat pies. A relatively small tree, the limequat reaches anywhere from 4-8 feet in height.

Planting Limequat Trees:

limequat tree

  • Plant limequat trees in almost any type of soil, but try to use well draining soil.
  • You can find seeds or seedlings at your local nursery or online.
  • Limequat trees prefer partial to full sun.
  • Plant in early spring directly in the ground or in a pot.
  • For the first several months, water deeply every other day to promote quick and healthy growth.
  • After that, water only every week or so, or when the top inch of soil is dry.
  • In the winter, water only once every two weeks.

Harvesting Limequats:

  • You can harvest limequats from November through March.
  • Pick the fruit while still green – they will ripen naturally on your counter.

Happy Planting!

how to grow limequat

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