You may have an aloe vera or snake plant in one corner or another, but we bet you don't have any of these unusual houseplants! We've compiled 5 unusual houseplants that you never knew about, but that you absolutely MUST get your hands on!

These houseplants are so strange that anyone that walks through your door will be asking about them! What makes these houseplants so unique is their very strange and unusual appearance…and also what makes them so beautiful!

5 Unusual Houseplants You Can Grow Right Now!

#1. Crasulla Umbella

This 6 inch houseplant is also nicknamed the Wine Cup (for obvious reasons). It's usually a stocky (short) houseplant, but when its flowers are in bloom it will reach to about 6 inches in height! This succulent doesn't require much water so be careful NOT to over-water it.

Suitable for USDA zones 9a-11b or to be grown indoors.

#2. Haworthia Cooperi

This plant may look like something right out of a sci-fi movie, but don't let its looks fool you! These bubble looking things are actually clumps of small rosettes made out of fleshy green leaves.

This South African succulent prefers warmer climates, but can easily be grown indoors as well!

#3. Euphorbia Tirucalli

Euphorbia Tirucalli

Also called Firesticks and Pencil Cactus, this showstopping succulent shrub can reach a height of 25 feet! Native to Africa and India, it prefers warm and arid environments, therefore you need to be careful not to over-water it!

#4. Corkscrew Grass

Corkscrew Grass

This quirky looking plant may look like curled-up ribbons, but it's real! Hardy in USDA zones 4 through 9, corkscrew grass grows best in full to partial sun and in moist, nutrient-rich soil.

#5. Platycerium


Also known as Staghorn Fern, this plant can be grown on the side of a wall with ease! Part of 18 fern species from the polypod family, Platycerium is super unique due to its elkhorn-like shape. Water only once a week in dry, hote summer, and once every two weeks in cooler weather!

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Unusual Houseplants
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