Whether you're an expert gardener or just a beginner, you know that gardening can be tricky. Gardeners get joy out of seeing a plant thrive, but unfortunately, that's not always the case, even if you're been gardening your entire life! Soil, temperature, weather, and a slew of other factors all come into play, and even if we calculate everything right, sometimes, a plant just doesn't make it! So for those that want a little relief from all of that, let us introduce you to the 12 low maintenance plants that literally ANYONE can care for! We don't care if you're an experience gardener or a beginner one, these low maintenance plants are beautiful, easy to grow, and don't require much care at all!

#1. Meadow Sage

meadow sage

With its long-blooming, deep purple flowers, the meadow sage require little to no care at all, and adds whimsy to any garden.

#2. Catmint


Catmint is something you and your cat will love! Drought resistant and heat resistant, this flowery plant looks great in any environment, but no, the mint is not edible, although your cat will enjoy rubbing up on it!

#3. Forsythia


These big, bright yellow flowers are one of the first signs of spring, and you'll be so happy once they come into bloom! Trim them into hedges or just let them be, forsythia plants are very low maintenance!

#4. Creeping Phlox

creeping phlox

Growing easily over rocks and other tough terrains, the creeping phlox presents itself in a carpet of beautiful blooms right in early spring. No need to care much for these flowers – they're very independent!

#5. Indian Hawthorn

indian hawthorn

The Indian Hawthorn is a slow growing shrub that will attract many birds to it due to its blue berries. No need for care, this shrub is also an evergreen, meaning it will provide year round interest to your garden.

#6. Autumn Joy Sedum

autumn joy sedum

This hardy, perennial shrub is absolutely stunning with its deep burgundy flowers. Drought tolerant, the autumn joy sedum provides a safe haven and food for birds, while giving your yard a whimsical appearance.

#7. Dusty Miller

dusty miller

Once established, the Dusty Miller plant requires little care, but it's a completely showstopper! With its lacy, silvery leaves, the Dusy Miller makes for a wonderful addition to any garden.

#8. Gold Thread Cypress

gold thread cypruss

Tolerating heat AND drought very well, its a favorite among gardeners because it does a lot, yet asks for nothing. Great as a shrub, it doesn't require any care, no pruning, and will reward you all year long with its show stopping foliage.

#9. Hostas


Once established, these ground cover plants will require little to no care, but look like a beautiful green carpet in any garden. Plant them and forget about them!

#10. Lambs' Ear

lambs ear

Known for its super soft, fluffy foliage, lambs' ear is another ground cover that looks stunning against any other plant or flower. Once established, it won't require your attention!

#11. Creeping Jenny

creeping jenny

Growing equally well in sun or shade, the Creeping Jenny is another ground cover that rewards you with bright, yellow flowers.

#12. Knock Out Roses

knock out roses

Blooming all summer long as well as into fall, the Knock Out Rose variety is amazing, especially for beginner gardeners. They require little to no care, but will look stunning!

So which of these low maintenance plants will you choose?!

Happy Planting!

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