Tarragon is a perennial herb that can add a deep depth of flavor to any dish! Often used in French cuisine, tarragon is an easy to grow herb that's also very nutritious! Learn how to grow tarragon in a pot or in your garden and how to care for your tarragon herb. Follow our easy step by step instructions and in no time, you too will have beautiful tarragon in your home! For this gardening guide, we'll be showing you how to grow French tarragon, which is often confused with Russian tarragon. Russian tarragon is coarser and less flavorful than French tarragon.

How to Grow Tarragon in Pots or in Your Garden

tarragon in pot

Planting Tarragon:

  • French tarragon cannot be planted directly from seeds. Rather, head to your local nursery and purchase the already grown plants.
  • Purchase your tarragon plant early in the spring or fall.
  • Plant your transplants in well drained soil about 2-3 feet apart.
  • Each plant will grow to about 2-3 feet in height, so make sure they have a lot of space.
  • You can easily plant tarragon in the garden next to other vegetables.

Caring for Tarragon:

  • Prune your tarragon plants regularly to prevent flowering and keep the height to about 2 feet.
  • Mulch around your plant, especially if you live in a colder climate, to protect the roots during winter.
  • For healthy tarragon plants, divide them every 3-4 years in the spring or fall. New plants can be grown from stem cuttings or root cuttings.

Harvesting Tarragon:

  • Harvest your tarragon plants regularly to encourage new growth.
  • You can either freeze the leaves or dry them and use them as a seasoning in any dishes.

Happy Planting!

How to Grow Tarragon

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